Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Boogie Board RIP as writing tablet on Linux

Sorry for long long pause. I was move to Tokyo this April and act as one of Ubuntu Japanese Team Member mainly now. It seems far from 'country life' however I am fine as before. And now I am writing some article to Japanese Ubuntu magazine "Ubuntu Magazine Japan", am happy if you have interesting ( But articles was written in Japanese ).

By the way, recently I bought "Boogie Board RIP" from some shop in Akihabara which discounts to 2,500 JPY. This tablet enables to save your drawing or writing as PDF file. And manufacture of this board serve software "Virtual Desktop Companion Software" which makes tablet as writing tablet for Windows OS, not for Linux.

However, some of earlier hacker investigated and wrote about how to get realtime information of tablet ( Oliver Migeot and Mark Johnson ).

I wrote linux driver for Boogie Board RIP on github.com. And if you are Ubuntu user, DKMS PPA is also available. ( Note that boogie driver is not well tested. )

On Ubuntu Terminal;
$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:hchonan/boogie
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install boogie-dkms

and plug your Boogie RIP to PC, it will work as writing tablet associate with x.org evdev driver. Evdev driver will be installed as part of default Ubuntu(Unity) desktop environment.

Monday, November 29, 2010

New e-book distributing company J-COMI

One of greatest manga artist Ken Akamatsu founded new e-book distributing company J-COMI, and opened its "beta" web site j-comi.jp on 26 Nov. Now on j-comi.jp, all of Akamatsu's known manga series "Love Hina" is available for download as PDF formatted e-book.

"Love Hina" ( 1999-2002 ) was successful manga sold total 10 million, however now it is discontinued publishing. "Love Hina" author Akamatsu thought how to share discontinued work with manga fan, decided to establish J-COMI and distributing his work with author's sight.

E-book file on J-COMI is DRM free and J-COMI says user can copy E-book file freely. Some advertising/afferiate page is inserted on E-book, its revenue will connect to author (not publisher) directly. Akamatsu says it is not problem casual copying J-COMI e-book because it contain advertising. Also says some of cutting-edged e-book format is difficult for general users, it is important using spread PDF format.

According to announcement, "Love Hina" was downloaded from j-comi.jp total 1 million times during 3 days. I am looking forward to watching future developments of J-COMI.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Open Source Conference 2010 in Sendai

I represented Tokyo OpenSolaris User Group at Open Source Conference 2010 in Sendai last Saturday (2010/05/22). Here is some resources of the Conference.
IMG_5676 IMG_5678
IMG_5682 IMG_5683
IMG_5685 IMG_5688
IMG_5690 IMG_5692
IMG_5695 IMG_5698
IMG_5699 IMG_5704
SANY0031 SANY0025

Monday, November 2, 2009

How to create OpenSolaris Live USB Stick using 'dd' utility

Several months ago, I wrote tiny utility which enable to make OpenSolaris Live USB stick on Windows box. However some of expert user asked how to create Live USB stick with 'dd' utility on one's UNIX-like OS.

OpenSolaris's USB image file ( which often distributed with '.usb' extention ) is just 'dd' image of root partition. But it is not enough to create bootable USB stick since do not contain required data such as MBR, Grub and Partition Tables.

'usbcopy' shell-script on OpenSolaris generate such data using 'grub', 'fdisk' and 'format' command internally. I have to generate using other way on Windows box.

When developing v0.02 of USB Creator, I made some pattern of required data ( I call this 'head image' ) and flash it before USB image. Header images included in OsolLiveUSB002.zip may be useful for 'dd'-command user.

Please try to flash following procedure below;
  1. Download .usb image ( this example is for Ohta-san's b123 image )
  2. $ wget http://kohju.justplayer.com/docs/mirror/OpenSolaris/eeepc-special/osol-1002-b123-x86-WC-EeePC.usb -O osol-1002-b123-x86-WC-EeePC.usb
  3. Download OsolLiveUSB002.zip ( not v0.03 !! ) and extract
  4. $ wget 'http://devzone.sites.pid0.org/OpenSolaris/opensolaris-liveusb-creator/OsolLiveUSB002.zip?attredirects=0' -O OsolLiveUSB002.zip
    $ unzip OsolLiveUSB002.zip
    Archive: OsolLiveUSB002.zip
    inflating: OsolLiveUSB002/headimg/0.dat
    inflating: OsolLiveUSB002/headimg/1.dat
    inflating: OsolLiveUSB002/headimg/2.dat
    inflating: OsolLiveUSB002/headimg/3.dat
    inflating: OsolLiveUSB002/OsolLiveUSB.exe
  5. De-compress header images
  6. $ gzip -dc OsolLiveUSB002/headimg/0.dat > 1gb_headimg.dat
    $ gzip -dc OsolLiveUSB002/headimg/1.dat > 2gb_headimg.dat
    $ gzip -dc OsolLiveUSB002/headimg/2.dat > 4gb_headimg.dat
    $ gzip -dc OsolLiveUSB002/headimg/3.dat > 8gb_headimg.dat
  7. Flash your USB stick with concatinating header and .usb image
  8. I used 2GB-Stick of head image this time;
    (become superuser)
    # cat 2gb_headimg.dat osol-1002-b123-x86-WC-EeePC.usb | \
    dd of=(USB Device) (Additional Options)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sasano Kannon Temple 1,200 year celebration

IMG_5484 IMG_5505Last Sunday 1,200 year from construction celebration ritual was held at Sasano Kannon Temple (Sasano Avalokitesvara Temple, >sasanokannon.com in Japanese) in Yonezawa City, Yamagata Prefecture.

Sasano Kannon Temple is a Shingon Buddhism temple which is said to constructed in Jul., 810. The main image is a Sahasra-bhuja Sahasra-netra(=Thousand-Armed, Thousand-Eyed) Avalokitesvara. Along with the Sasano-bori(Vintage folk toy Sasano wood carving hawk) is very famous (>kanpu.net in Japanese).

On climax of the ritual, Monks were skimming all of the Mahaprajnaparamita sutra (=Large Sutra on the Perfection of Wisdom) for pray about everyone's happiness. The youtube-movie below is beginning of the sutra skimming.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Solar eclipse

On Jun 22 2009, Solar eclipse was seen in Asia region. I saw partial eclipse in live. Since I have not equipment to take eclipse photo enough, taken some indirect photo.

Paper Sheet Hole image

Next solar eclipse which can seen widely in Japan will be May 21, 2012 ( annular eclipse ).

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Cherry and Ginzan hot spring hike

I went to buy cherry for gift last Sunday. After buying, explored Ginzan-Onsen ( Ginzan Hot Spring ) to take photos. In spite of cloudy condition, I had a excelent time within nostalgic Japanese sight.

IMG_4740 IMG_4745
IMG_4751 IMG_4776
IMG_4803 IMG_4805
IMG_4814 IMG_4806
IMG_4827 IMG_4908
IMG_4901 IMG_4837
IMG_4925 IMG_4913
IMG_4832 IMG_4910
IMG_4918 IMG_4859
IMG_4855 IMG_4893