Monday, May 24, 2010

Open Source Conference 2010 in Sendai

I represented Tokyo OpenSolaris User Group at Open Source Conference 2010 in Sendai last Saturday (2010/05/22). Here is some resources of the Conference.
IMG_5676 IMG_5678
IMG_5682 IMG_5683
IMG_5685 IMG_5688
IMG_5690 IMG_5692
IMG_5695 IMG_5698
IMG_5699 IMG_5704
SANY0031 SANY0025


  1. Very nice to hear we had representation in this conference.

    Regarding user groups and marketing goods, how is the Tokyo OSUG managing the creation of t-shirts ? I'm trying to get a contact at Oracle that will allow local companies to make t-shirts using the OpenSolaris logo. Any help is welcome.

  2. Hi Giovanni, thanks to visit my blog :)

    On this conference, we did not distribute any marketing goods, T-shirts was used just as staff costume.

    Reading discussion on advocacy-discuss you join, if you want to make your regional or local OSUG t-shirts with OpenSolaris logo, I think that is 'fair-use' activity. And dividing cost in community members does not mean 'commercially', also I think.

    Anyway, we have to think and discuss how to distribute goods under Oracle control.

    Thanks again for visiting :)