Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Boogie Board RIP as writing tablet on Linux

Sorry for long long pause. I was move to Tokyo this April and act as one of Ubuntu Japanese Team Member mainly now. It seems far from 'country life' however I am fine as before. And now I am writing some article to Japanese Ubuntu magazine "Ubuntu Magazine Japan", am happy if you have interesting ( But articles was written in Japanese ).

By the way, recently I bought "Boogie Board RIP" from some shop in Akihabara which discounts to 2,500 JPY. This tablet enables to save your drawing or writing as PDF file. And manufacture of this board serve software "Virtual Desktop Companion Software" which makes tablet as writing tablet for Windows OS, not for Linux.

However, some of earlier hacker investigated and wrote about how to get realtime information of tablet ( Oliver Migeot and Mark Johnson ).

I wrote linux driver for Boogie Board RIP on github.com. And if you are Ubuntu user, DKMS PPA is also available. ( Note that boogie driver is not well tested. )

On Ubuntu Terminal;
$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:hchonan/boogie
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install boogie-dkms

and plug your Boogie RIP to PC, it will work as writing tablet associate with x.org evdev driver. Evdev driver will be installed as part of default Ubuntu(Unity) desktop environment.


  1. THANKS!!! just bought it yesterday on amazon.jp for 2980 JPY
    I thought of writing a driver, but you already did my work :D thanks a lot

  2. Seriously 2500 JPY? 2980 JPY?
    Are there other models for Boogie Board RIP? Mine says BB-3, and it costed me about 11500 JPY at Yodobashi camera today.
    I feel like I'm totally ripped off.

  3. Hallo Hiroshi,

    I am also planning to buy one in december. We use ubuntu 12.10 here. Will the driver also be able to access the stored pdf's, or will we be able to use it as a graphics tablet/pointing device? That would be amazing. Will the drive be merged to standard repositories one day? Thanks so far: ron

  4. Hi!
    It doesn`t work for me :( I use Ubuntu 12.10. I`ve installed driver but it is`t in the lsmod list. If I try to add it manually (modprobe boogie) driver loads but not use:
    Module Size Used by
    boogie 12674 0

  5. I have the same problem. lsmod lists the driver, but it does not seem to be used. Too bad, the RIP would make a great tablet if it worked.

  6. Linux is the best platform to be work on it allow full securities from virus and other malwares. It is because it do not save the file in .exe extension if the file will not execute so the virus will not install. So the tablet which have Linux at back end are very efficient.